Q. Are your cover letter examples effective?
A. While no cover letter example can guarantee you a good job, it is nevertheless commonly accepted that a better cover letter should improve your prospects. All our cover letters examples have been expertly written by experienced professionals and have been meticulously targeted for real jobs in your sector. So yes, our cover letter examples can be very effective in the job market.

Q. Do I have to make amendments to my cover letter example?
A. Your cover letter example has been written specifically for your job type by experts. Consequently, it should be relevant for your target job. Some people utilize cover letter examples without changing anything other than their address etc. That said, each person/job is different, and it could be appropriate for you to tweak your cover letter example as you see fit.

Q. Who wrote the cover letters?
A. The cover letter examples have been written by top-quality professional cover letter/resume writers with vast experience.

Q. How do I know the cover letter example is relevant for my job?
A. The cover letter examples have been professionally written with specific jobs in mind. Moreover, they have been specifically optimized to real job specifications for your job type. You therefore therefore know that it is relevant.

Q. Who orders the cover letter examples ?
A. Our broad range of cover letter examples cover a wide range of job types. Consequently, people come to us from all job sectors, and across all levels.

Q. What services do you offer and what is the price?
A. Prices and services can be viewed on our ordering page.

Q. Are there any extra costs?
A. No there aren't. You just pay the price for the service you order - no more.

Q. Will my credit card details be charged again in future?
A. No. your card will not be recharged automatically. Indeed, we Do not keep any credit card details. The only way your card would be charged a second time is if you yourself place a second order.

Q. Is my data safe?
A. Yes. Moreover, you can rest assured that we won’t pass on your details to third parties unless required to do so by law.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards as well as PayPal. You can pay directly online.

Q. When do I receive my cover letter example?
A. We in the process of automating this part of our service, so in future it will be automatic. In the meantime however, we send cover letter examples by email once you place your order. Depending upon the exact time of day you order you could receive your example cover letter very quickly, or it could be the next day. Either way, as long as we have for cover letter example you require you should receive it in no longer than one working day.

Q. What if you don't have a cover letter example for my job?
A. Before you order please consult our list. If it is on the list then we have it. If it isn't on the list then please contact us before ordering because it could well be that we have the right cover letter example for you but it just isn't on the list yet.

Q. Do you offer any refunds?
A. In the extremely unlikely event that you can find an example cover letter which is more relevant to your job on any other commercial website then if you can demonstrate this we will be happy to offer you a full refund.

Q. Do you offer professional, fully personalized cover letter services?
A. No. That is a specialized bespoke service. If this is what you actually need then please view specialist resume and cover letter writing services at this page.

Q. Do you write cover letter examples in any other language than English?
A. No. If you require this please view specialist resume and cover letter writing services at this page.

Q. Can I link to my website to yours?
A. Certainly. You are more than welcome to link to us.

Q. Can I publish or resell your cover letter examples?
A. No. Our cover letter examples are purely for your own personal use. You can use them for your personal job applications, but they must not be used for publication, commercial use or resale.

Q. Who holds the copyright for your cover letter examples?
A. We do. That said, as mentioned, if you order one of our cover letter examples then you are entitled to use it for your own personal use, but not for commercial use, publication or resale.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. You are welcome to contact us via our contact page.

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The CoverLetter-Examples.com service offers cover letter writing examples created by professional resume/cover letter writing experts with many years of experience writing a broad cross-section of cover letters for clients in order of sectors. This website offers you low-cost cover letter examples which are specifically geared towards your target job type. There is a free cover letter example on this website, but please note that the best cover letters are not generic but are targeted. we can provide you with cover letter examples specifically targeted for your job type. Alternatively, if you require a completely bespoke cover letter written just for you by professionals then Resume Consultancy.com offer this service.